Bad Feeling Magazine Podcast # 39 with Harley Flanagan (Cro-Mags)

Harley Flanagan from the Cro-Mags is on the podcast!

Harley has just released Hard-Core: Life of My Own, his long-awaited autobiography that covers his tumultuous life and times in a vivid and often frightening way.

From his time as a pre-pubescent drummer in the early punk band The Stimulators, to the chaos and violence of living in the Lower East Side of New York in the lawless 70’s and 80’s and the endless beefs and struggles during his time in the mighty Cro-Mags, Harley holds nothing back here, including his infamous arrest following a stabbing at a Cro-Mags show in 2012.

I spoke with Harley from his home in NYC to discuss why this was the right time to tell his story, his concerns about writing such a no-holds-barred memoir, his thoughts on re-uniting the original Cro-Mags lineup, running wild with Montreal skinheads in the 80’s and much more.

Listen to the episode in the embedded player above, or stream / download it here. Be sure to check out all past episodes of the podcast over on iTunes, or at our dedicated podcast page.

Harley Flanagan’s Hard-Core: Life of My Own is out now via Feral House. For more info visit

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  1. haven t listened yet but I WAS one of those skinheads we went to a gig at mcgill and harley was visiting and hung with us THE MIGHTY DISCORDS!!!lol lol

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