About us

Crowd photo by Jason Hughes.

Crowd photo by Jason Hughes.

Our mission at Bad Feeling is pretty simple – to cover the best (and occasionally, the worst) in music, film, television, books, and more. Our goal, through our site and our podcast, is to provide coverage of pop culture that excites us and deserves to be shared.

Based in Montreal, we feature our highly subjective view of the most worthwhile events occurring in the city, while still keeping an eye out on the rest of the world.

Bad Feeling is not a site about municipal politics, food pics, or a means to drive ad revenue by tricking you into clicking through a series of useless lists (we’re not that savvy yet). Instead, in an era with increasing information overload and shortened attention spans (ours included), our aim is simply to expose our readers and listeners to artists that are worthy of attention.

Interested in contributing? We’d love to hear from you. You can get in touch with us here. Spambots need not apply.


We Hated Playing Outside Too
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