Just for Laughs review – The Joel McHale gala

McHale gala 18

Just for Laughs – Joel McHale gala
Place des Arts
July 30, 2017

Photos and show notes by Eva Blue

McHale gala 17

Joel McHale is half Canadian. The lower half, and he’ll show it to you later. As for poutine, he can’t believe an American didn’t invent poutine considering it’s made of fries, cheese and gravy. He’s also jealous of Canadians as they have the best seats in the house to view the upcoming American Apocalypse. On the topic of boneable world leaders, that Justin Trudeau doesn’t need to pay a prostitute to pee on them. Cafe Starbucks.

McHale gala 16
Jimmy Shubert doesn’t understand the therapy cat they let on planes, especially when they freak out during lift off. The cat probably needs a therapy mouse. But seriously, an airplane is not Noah’s Ark. How long before you need comfort fish?
 McHale gala 13
Cameron Esposito is a lesbian. Yes. Another lesbian comic on stage in front of mostly hetero crowd who giggle at lesbian jokes. Esposito is also afraid she will find out she’s losing her wife via policies announced on twitter.
McHale gala 10
Rod Man likes to eat food samples at the food court. Chinese food counters always offer a taste of shiny meats he can’t refuse. When he orders, he always says rice. He doesn’t know what chow mein is. That’s some weird spaghetti. Married for 19 years, he keeps going home. It’s important to communicate because the body changes. Eventually both in the couple will have boobs.
McHale gala 6

Martha Chaves didn’t really learn French in Quebec back in the days but she learned how to smoke watching Rene Levesque speeches.

McHale gala 4
Pete Johansson realized he was fat when he was on the plane trying to make space for people to pass. He turned sideways and he didn’t make more space. Forget the fat, he’s done his 20th JFL gala.
McHale gala 1
Elon Gold, pro-Semite, wants you to know penis is in the word happiness. His wife wants you to know that vagina has none of it. Punchline, he wrote this joke, not his wife.
Gold also says men are always in the mood. He was in the mood right there. He asked the man in the front row and got rejected.
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