Bad Feeling Magazine Podcast # 38 with Brad Williams & Ralphie May

We’ve got another double-header episode this time around, with comedians Brad Williams and Ralphie May!

Both Brad and Ralphie are part of The Nasty Show at Montreal’s Just for Laughs, which also features Bobby Slayton, Paula Bel, Thomas Dale, with Quebec’s own Mike Ward on hosting duties.

The Nasty Show runs from July 20 – 30 at Metropolis. We have a pair of tickets to give away for the 8:30 show on July 25 – enter here if you haven’t already.

First up, I speak to Brad Williams about refusing to be a spokesperson for the dwarf community, dealing with hecklers, and texting Neil Patrick Harris. Brad’s latest stand-up special, Daddy Issues, is out now on Showtime.

Next, Ralphie May discusses the turbulent state of stand up comedy, why TMZ won’t leave him alone, and his favourite HGTV shows. His latest special, Unruly, is up now on Netflix.

As this is posted, Quebec’s Human Rights Tribunal just ordered Mike Ward to pay $35,000 to Jérémy Gabriel, the former child singer who was the butt of Mike Ward’s jokes. Since they’re all on the Nasty Show together, both Brad and Ralphie weigh in on their thoughts about the controversy, and what it might mean for comedians in the US. You can also read our interview with Ward about taking over the reigns of The Nasty Show here.

For more info, head over to and For tickets and the full Just for Laughs schedule, visit

Listen to the episode in the embedded player above, or stream / download it here. Be sure to check out all past episodes of the podcast over on iTunes, or at our dedicated podcast page.  If you’re a comedy buff, be sure to check out past episodes with guests like Todd Barry, Wyatt Cenac, Mike Lawrence, Mark Little and more.

Brad Williams and Ralphie May perform at The Nasty Show at Just for Laughs from July 20 – 30. For tickets and the full festival schedule, visit

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