Bad Feeling Magazine Podcast # 33 with comedian Matteo Lane

NY-based comedian Matteo Lane is on the podcast!

You may know Matteo from MTV’s Guy Code and Girl Code. He was also included on Just For Laughs’ New Faces in 2014, a pivotal career moment which we discuss in the episode.

Matteo has one of the most interesting backstories in comedy; he’s worked as a commercial illustrator and studied as an opera singer in Italy before trying his hand at comedy.

We talk about how he landed in comedy, bringing a gay comedic viewpoint to a larger audience, his late/hate relationship with Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, and a lot more.

Mattteo headlines the final Brunch Club of the season, May 20-21 at Montreal’s Comedyworks. For tickets and more info visit

You can find past episodes of the podcast on iTunes, where you can also subscribe and rate the show. While you’re there you can check out our past interviews with comedians including Brunch Club alumni Mike Lawrence and Mark Little, Wyatt Cenac, Todd Barry and more.

Listen to the interview with Matteo here, or via the embedded media player at the top of the page.

Matteo Lane headlines the final Brunch Club edition of the season, May 20-21 at Comedyworks, 1238 Bishop. 8:30pm, $15/$20. 

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